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Vismar Aqua Ltd Ukraine (en)

Our company was founded by Lubomir Haidamaka, famous Ukrainian aqua entrepreneur in 2014. Before the foundation of the company Vismar Aqua, which works in the field of aquaculture and aquaponics, Mr. Haidamaka’s business was closely related with water management. His company Aquacenter Koipark is building ornamental ponds and water reservoirs in Ukraine and Russia since 2004. This water objects do require mechanical and biological water treatment to keep their ornamental and productive functions.

Now Vismar Aqua Ltd is an international team of young professionals which are connected with one aim: to feed the people with quality farm raised fish and other products. We have people in Bulgary, Lithuania, Azerbadjan, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines  that we were engaged in different aquaculture project.

Since 2014 we built over 10 RAS all over the world, mostly in Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Philippines. At the moment we are working on the biggest in Ukraine catfish farm of 200 MT per year. Other projects are smaller: 50MT catfish, 20MT trout, 30 MT tilapia.

The biggest water reservoir that was built by our team was with the area of 14000 and is being used for irrigation purposes for the big apple orchard in Ukraine. We built many ornamental ponds (from 20 to 2000 m3) with perfect water cleaning system all over Europe.

The species that we currently are working with: shrimp Penaues vannamei, tilapia, African clarias caftish, rainbow trout, sturgeon etc.

We do have our own production of the water tanks (PP), biofilters, drumfilters. We produced over 200 drum filters (with the capacity from 20 to 250 m3 per hour) and were sold all over the world.

A specialist for aquaponics Andrew Isaenko joined our team last year, so he developed a experimental system and got perfect results. Also our company invested in his education and he finished with success online courses of all the best specialist in this area.

So, our aim is to feed billions of people with quality farmed fish and follow the main principles of sustainability and clean production in order to save water and resources for the next generations.

If you would like to get some assistance from our team, please, contact us at:

+380 50 879 6803
+380 67 502 4730 (viber, watsapp)


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