About us

We are an international team of aquaculture professionals. And our team came together around the idea of making aquaculture more accessible and understandable to farmers around the world.

Aquaculture is one of the most efficient ways to obtain high quality protein in the world.

First, aquaculture has an excellent feed conversion rate (FCR).

Secondly, the specific level of protein and energy production in aquaculture is one of the highest in agriculture.

Finally, this type of activity has a low carbon footprint.

The experience of our team of professionals is 15 years of intensive work towards the development and promotion of aquaculture in Ukraine. In our work and proposed solutions, we consolidate the experience of generations of specialists working in the field of aquaculture development in all corners of the globe.

Today, Ukraine imports more than 85% of the consumed fish and seafood.

One of our goals is to achieve a ratio of 50% imports to 50% local fish production over the next five years.

The ratio of imports to domestic production 50% to 50%

RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) is one of the solutions to this task. That is why we are designing super-intensive aquacultures using state-of-the-art RAS technology.

Together with our partner – the company “Business planning Workshop” we offer a full range of services. When starting a project, we recommend you calculate its economic efficiency.

The feasibility study must be created at first in professional way. It is necessary to understand where the farm will be located, what aquaculture will be grown, how it will be sold at this stage already.

After that, we proceed to the design and engineering calculations. Selection of equipment, its operation and supervision are our strengths.

Our company offers innovative solutions that best allow you to organize the process of fish and shrimp production on artificially created farms.

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