Our services

We provide services for the implementation of new projects and carry out the modernization of existing ones, taking full responsibility for the final result!

We work with each client individually, drawing up a personal plan for its implementation for each project.


We plan resources


We control costs


Increasing efficiency


Sharing our experience

The main stages of our project work:

      • planning resources;
      • we calculate the budget of the project and the economic efficiency of investments in it;
      • we always strive to help our customers effectively save time and money, while ensuring the best competitiveness of the enterprise in the market;
      • we share our know-how in fish nutrition and keeping acquired as a result of 15 years of work on the market;
      • we help to comply with all environmental regulations and standards, as well as production requirements for the quality of finished products.

You are "on the way" with us

Thanks to our experience with fish farms and feed industry enterprises, we can be considered as a reliable and promising partner with whom you will have a long "way along the way".

Based on many years of specialization in the sector, we are able to tailor projects to different types of farms based on their complexity and level of technology. We place particular emphasis on assisting in the most complex production processes, such as fish farming. We design and build intensive RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) through turnkey projects.

In addition, we advise our partners at all stages of production – from the hatchery to the sale of all types of aquaculture and its further positioning and promotion on the market.

Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT)

Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT).

This is a form of project implementation, usually for large-scale infrastructure projects. The idea of ​​the approach is that the contractor is trusted to finance, design, build, own and operate object. We invite private investors and financial institutions to invest in large-scale aquaculture projects in this manner.

Most often, an investor is attracted by one sector or another, but in reality, there are not always opportunities to study all the nuances and difficulties of implementing a particular business. The industry of high-tech aquaculture is not a very developed business not only in our country, but also in the world as a whole. The choice of a reliable and experienced partner in the face of the company “VISMAR AQUA” is a solution to this issue.

More and more investment venture funds are paying attention to aquaculture. This is a lucrative sector, with huge investments in gigantic projects. Growing fish in RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) conditions ensures high economic efficiency of project implementation. The economic effect of such projects is achieved due to the large volumes of cultivation of marketable products. The possibility of creating a closed production cycle within one farm only strengthens the position of the manufacturer. Such projects are not only promising, but also give the investor the opportunity to receive dividends from the farm.

We are in line with global trends

During its activity in the Ukrainian market, our team came to the conclusion that the customer needs to provide the full range of services in the implementation of an aquaculture project! Therefore, we offer services that are fully consistent with global trends in the development of fisheries.

Pre-project work

Pre-project work includes the development of a feasibility study, selection of a location, determination of the type of fish, and the conditions for its cultivation. In fact, pre-project work makes it possible to form a business model for project implementation. At this stage, the sources and schedules of project financing are determined, as well as the main steps of its implementation.

Creation of a correct feasibility study is a complex and responsible stage. It is better to entrust the calculation of the feasibility study to professionals. Our partner, who is professionally involved in the creation of a feasibility study, is the “Business Planning Workshop” – a company with more than 20 years of experience.

The term of the service is from 7 days.


Design work

After understanding the answers to the questions:
      • “What kind of fish to grow?”;
      • “Where to grow fish?”;
      • “Who finances the construction and under what conditions?”;
      • “How much money is needed to implement the project?”
and other important issues, our team begins to develop a working draft, including the assessment and accounting of all necessary work in accordance with DSTU/GBR. The term of the service is from 120 days.


The construction of turnkey aquaculture farms is one of the best solutions to achieve maximum efficiency. Modern technologies make it possible to automate the work of fish farms as much as possible, increase productivity and increase the profitability of RAS farms.

The construction of a farm should begin with a competent choice of location and high-quality design. Proper design, taking into account at the initial stage all the features of the project, will help to avoid unnecessary additional costs in the future.

Proper design is the key to success

A properly designed farm is built in less time and not only saves money, but also puts the farm into commercial operation according to the planned time.

When choosing a general contractor for a project, you should pay attention to his experience in building farms, as well as assess the quality of the work already completed.

The choice of the general contractor is the key decision of the project

VISMAR AQUA has been successfully designing and building farms for growing fish, shrimp and other aquaculture products for more than 7 years. We have experience in supporting and building aquaculture farms from A to Z.

We coordinate all our projects with the necessary authorities, obtain permits, develop technical specifications, prepare a farm for certification, etc. Service provision period – from 180 days.


After the commissioning of the aquaculture facility, the operating activities of the company begin.

Main reasons for failure

According to statistics, more than 80% of enterprises never reach their designed capacity due to the lack of qualified personnel, experience, and proven technological procedures.

Such actions, as a rule, lead to huge losses in the first few years, and then the investor begins to look for ways out of this “unprofitable” business and loses interest in any development.

We offer our investors an agreement on the operation of the constructed farm for several years in order to achieve all the planned economic indicators. During the operational control on the farm, we form and describe all technical processes, the implementation of which will allow the owner of the farm to successfully manage the farm in the future.

The term of the service is from 3 years.



After the end of the operating life and the achievement of all planned economic indicators, we transfer the farm to the owner. At this stage, the farm is provided with everything necessary for successful operation.

Firstly, it is a methodology for growing fish described and adapted to the conditions of the farm. Secondly, it is the practical experience and skills acquired by the farm staff. Thirdly, it is an optimally selected set of equipment, feed, recommendations for the sale of grown products.

A set of all these facts allows you to achieve high economic results of the farm. Thus, the investor of the project will be able to receive the expected profit. The process of transferring the object involves the transfer of full control over the economy to the representatives of the customer.

Service provision period – from 180 days.


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